Is your business insurance accurate

Or are you under-insured or over-insured?


Insurance reviews and professional advice.

It’s all we do


Why Choose Sheffield Insurance

Sheffield Insurance can offer you, or your business, a FREE Comprehensive review of all of your insurance policies at a place and time that is convenient to you. With decades of experience, Sheffield Insurance is able to provide qualified and personal advice to ensure you get the right insurance cover.

We can advise on:

Business Insurance

Without a personalised service, how do you know if your business is correctly insured? If you are simply receiving invoices for payment – Is this good enough for you? It’s not good enough for Sheffield Insurance Services…

Life Insurance/Income Protection

Do you know who is handling your Life Insurance/Income Protection? Could these policies be out of date and in need of a proper review?

Workers Compensation Insurance

We can assist with Workers Compensation management including the management of claims

Heavy Motor Insurance/Mini Excavator Insurance

Sheffield Insurance specialises in owner/operator insurance for the Heavy Motor and Mini Excavator industries and we’d be happy to meet with clients working in these areas

We handle all the insurance business with most underwriters and can explain and simplify all of your insurance policies to make everything easier for you.

Should this be of interest please contact Phil Bird or Dan Holmes of Sheffield Insurance at the office on (08) 9378 9897 so that we can make an appointment to assist.

We help you with everything insurance.


Should this be of interest please contact Phil Bird on 0448 600 155
or Dan Holmes on 0404 858 803
so that we can make an appointment to assist.